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Guys, I tried. I really tried to get into making sprite sheets but it just got too...tedious. In my eyes, if something that's supposed to be recreational feels more like work, then chances are I probably shouldn't be doing it. Often, I've found myself asking "When do I get to the fun part?" Sure it was a noble venture but it was the character taunts and personal actions that I truly enjoyed making. Not sprite sheets that I'll probably never ever use. It is at this point that Dhalsim will be the final character that I make a sprite sheet for. From now on, I'll just concentrate on my passion. Thank you all who have followed me faithfully on this project. It really meant a lot. ;-)

The Season of Ken

2013-12-17 11:21:11 by S0nofKrypton

I'm ready for ya. Bring it on!

The Season of Ryu

2013-11-30 14:34:27 by S0nofKrypton

Would anyone like some pound cake!? :-)

The Season of Chun-Li

2013-11-24 23:02:47 by S0nofKrypton

The Season of Chun-Li has begun! During this season, I will post HD "sprite sheets" of Chun-Li's most basic fighting moves from Super Street Fighter IV as well as her personal actions and other cute animations. You are all, of course, welcome to use these beautiful sprites in your individual works of animation. All I ask is that you please give credit where credit is due. Happy animating!